The KINDERMUSIK program is designed for parents and their young children to bond through music. Each class is planned to not only introduce your child to music, but to also aid in their social, mental and physical development. During a typical class...

  • Parents and children will gain a stronger sense of rhythm and signing.
  • Children will explore their imagination as they act out the motions of songs.
  • Fine and gross motor skills will be developed with the use of different instruments
  • Children gain a sense of structure as we move from one activity to the next
  • A bond will be created between music and movement, which leads the way to understanding how the tempo and mood of the music relates to our emotions and body language
  • You will notice increased social skills, new friendships and sharing.
  • There is a large focus on literacy which aids in their speech and reading.
  • There are lots of cuddles and laughter!!!
Cuddle & Bounce - 0-12 months
Tuesdays 9:30am - 6 weeks $60
April 3rd - May 8th  
Cuddle & Bounce - 0-12 months
Thursdays 9:30am - 6 weeks $60
April 5th - May 10th
Family Kindermusik - 0-3 years (with parent)
Saturdays 9am - 8 weeks $70
April 7th - June 2nd  
Sing & Play - 1-3 years
Tuesdays 10:30am - 6 weeks $60
April 3rd - May 8th  
Sing & Play - 1-3 years
Thursdays 10:30am - 6 weeks $60
April 5th - May 10th
Intro to Music  - 3-5 year (independent)
Saturdays 10am - 10 weeks $80
April 7th - June 9th

RegIstration is open now. To join a class, please visit the registration page.